Charlie Lee to match every donation made towards achieving Litecoin privacy and fungibility

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  • Litecoin Foundation launches a Trust Fund in support of the MimbleWimble for Extension Blocks.
  • To ensure that the target of $72,000 is achieved, Lee pledges to match every donation in LTC/BTC with the same amount.

Litecoin embarked on a mission to tap into a couple of key features in the cryptocurrency industry early in 2019; privacy and fungibility. In line with the mission, the Litecoin Foundation recently launched a Trust Fund that will support the development of the features through the implementation of MimbleWimble for Extension Blocks. The MibleWimble technology will be utilized alongside Litecoin blockchain.

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee recently pledged to support the Trust Fund by matching every BTC and LTC donated with a similar amount.

“I am going to do a donation match towards this donation drive. At the end of every month, for every LTC/BTC donated, I will match the same amount.”

The foundation is targeting to raise $72,000 and approximately a tenth has been donated. This means that matched with Lee’s donation, the donation has already doubled.